Kingfisher Bandana

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The only Kingfisher that is the protagonist of this Bandana is a striking and iridescent bird, which in Chile is found from Concepción to Tierra del Fuego. It is characterized by remaining still on branches next to calm and clean water sources, waiting for its prey to jump headlong and hunt it with its strong beak.

With different ways of use according to your needs, our bandana is a very versatile garment. Thanks to its breathable fabric, you can use it for hours without feeling the need to take it off, protecting you from the cold or heat outside. For exercising, traveling, or simply for everyday use, it will be very useful and will accompany your outfit with a lot of color!

Bandana Features

  • Breathable microfiber material
  • Withouth stitches
  • Fast dry
  • One size
  • Includes explanatory label
  • Created in Chile.